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Working patterns

Healthcare support worker helping patient

We employ HCSWs on either a full time, part time, or Bank Basis. Full time staff work 37.5 hours per week, part-time staff work an agreed portion of full-time hours. Bank workers undertake temporary roles on either a full or part time basis. We understand temporary work is attractive allowing for greater flexibility and a better work life balance.

As a hospital, we provide a 24/7 service. Our clinical staff, including HCSWs, need to work to meet the needs of our patients, so are expected to work a variety of shift patterns including days, nights, weekends and public/bank holidays. You may be expected to work long days, short days or a combination of the two.

For new HCSWs, working patterns vary area by area and you are likely to work a mixture of shifts. Please be aware that your day shifts are likely to start at 07:00 or 07:30.

When you start work in your clinical area, you will be allocated your days and hours to work over the next four to six weeks. Your days and hours of work will change from rota period to the next so you will not normally working the same pattern in each rota period. These shifts are managed in what we call an ‘off duty rota’. The rota is usually prepared four to six weeks in advance, so you will have plenty of time to plan your home life around your shifts. It is possible to make requests for days off in advance eg to request a certain day off for a wedding or to book annual leave so you are able to have a good work life balance.

It’s worth noting at this point that shift working can be very exhausting – it’s in the nature of the role that you will have to deal with difficult situations which require you to remain tactful and calm. It can also be physically challenging – you’ll be on your feet for long periods and will have to move patients, though we do provide equipment which makes this easier.

The rewards come in knowing that you have helped people experiencing great difficulty and in seeing them comfortable and safe.