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Our people - case studies - NAW 2024

Here at CUH, national apprenticeship week brings together apprentices to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to staff and patients at our hospital.

Jared McCann - Laboratory Technician Level 3

Jared started working for the NHS as a Covid lab support worker during the pandemic. He found it interesting and rewarding so decided to build upon this experience and pursue a career in pathology.

Crinicia Villafranca - Laboratory Technician, Level 3

Crinicia applied for this apprenticeship to get practical knowledge and experience which universities don’t offer.

Katherine Siddle - Pharmacy Technician (Integrated), Level 3

Katherine is currently working as a Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician at CUH.

Lexi Rice - Customer Service Practitioner, Level 2

Before starting her apprenticeship at CUH Lexi attended college 3 days a week where she studied Business, Law and Finance. She quickly realised that the course wasn’t for her and that she wanted to be in a role where she could help others. She wanted to stay in the business industry but wasn’t sure what she was going to do next.

Rebecca Hughes - Improvement Practitioner, Level 4 and Business Administrator, Level 3

Rebecca wasn’t happy in her job so decided to look at a new career. She had liked the admin aspects of her role at the time but didn’t have enough experience to do admin as a full-time job.

Shelomi Phillips - Payroll Administrator, Level 3

Shelomi previously completed a Psychosocial Degree but realised that the therapeutic pathway was not for her. Whilst deciding what career pathway to take, she undertook the AAT Level 2 (Foundation) and Level 3 (Diploma) in Accounting. This included a short module on Payroll which she found intriguing.

Eloise Cashen - Occupational Therapy Degree, Level 6

Elouise’s first job after leaving Sixth Form was as a Physiotherapy Assistant, based mainly with the Respiratory Physio Team during the Covid pandemic. Within this role she worked closely with Occupational Therapists and decided this was what she wanted to do.

Lucy Horobin - Diagnostic Radiographer (Integrated Degree), Level 6 and Mammography Associate, Level 4

Lucy joined CUH in 2020 as a Mammography Associate Level 4 Apprentice but has worked in the field of Radiography since 2015.

Andrew Gedny - Physiotherapist (Integrated Degree), Level 6

Andrew had been working at CUH as a Physiotherapy Assistant in a variety of teams for a couple of years before deciding he wanted to become a Physiotherapist.

Sajeev Job - Senior Leader, Level 7

Sajeev saw the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship at CUH in 2019 and that it offered staff the chance to explore and shape a different facet to their career.

Amy Wong - Nursing Associate Level 5

Amy joined CUH in 2018 and worked as a Theatre Support Worker for 2 years prior to undertaking her apprenticeship. She had never worked within a clinical patient facing role before but found that she enjoyed the community and team she worked with and she was supported by her managers to further her career.

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