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Staff Bank services

What is a Staff Bank?

We are the temporary staffing service within Cambridge University Hospitals covering mainly Nursing, Midwifery, Healthcare Support Workers, Allied Health Professionals and Administrative vacancies.  However we often also assist with temporary cover for other specialist staff groups with the exception of Medical and Dental staff who are managed by our colleagues in Medical Staffing.

We have been providing temporary cover for over 25 years and on average receive over 5000 requests to cover individual shifts per week across all staff groups.

  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Support Workers – Healthcare Support Workers, Maternity Care Assistants and Theatre Support Workers
  • Administrative, Clerical, Corporate and Executive posts
  • Healthcare Sciences
  • Support Services – Estates & Facilities, Porters, Building and Maintenance

What can Staff Bank Services offer you?

Registration with Staff Bank Services can offer you the flexibility to balance your work and home life as we understand that personal circumstances can change over a period of time.  Whilst it is important that you can work regularly, clinical Bank workers can choose to work ad hoc shifts as and when available, and whilst administrative placements tend to require a more regular work pattern, we can often negotiate between area and Bank worker to find a mutually agreeable compromise.

In addition to flexibility, Staff Bank Services also enables you to experience working in different areas, which can often lead to you finding an area you love and where you know you would like to work permanently when this fits with your personal circumstances.

‘I chose Staff Bank rather than a permanent position because of the flexibility it provides. It is so convenient to be able to plan your work week yourself, which means I never miss out on personal life events. My position allows me to travel for prolonged periods of time which is fantastic’


You will benefit from the same mandatory training programmes as permanent staff so you will always be equipped with the same knowledge and skills to enable you to work alongside your permanent colleagues, and to enable you to provide the best care possible to our patients.  You will also have access to a comprehensive learning directory which gives you the opportunity to undertake further training in your own time to enhance and build on your knowledge and skills.

‘To work as a Bank HCSW at Addenbrooke’s is ideal for me. It gives me the freedom to work shifts that suit me and my family. Moreover, it gives me the flexibility to choose to work as little or as much as I would like which tends to vary from week to week. Lastly, working as a bank HCSW gives me the opportunity to work in an array of departments and wards within the trust. This has not only given me an abundance of experience, but has also enabled me to gain many friendships’


Other  Staff benefits include weekly pay, accrued paid annual leave, entitlement to apply for permanent posts deemed open to internal candidates only and access to the full range of onsite retail and leisure facilities.

For more information, please contact the Staff Bank on 01223 596300 or email, Staff Bank.

‘You get to meet different people, staff and patients alike which I enjoy. I have worked in so many areas of the hospital such as paediatrics, intensive care, neuro, etc. and learned different aspects of care. It’s great that we can choose to go on holidays whenever we like and we get a holiday pay too’

Julian - Bank Administrator

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Staff Bank as a Bank Administrator. It gives me the flexibility to work when I choose, but more importantly I have been able to to work in lots of different specialist wards such as Neuro, Stroke and at the Rosie Hospital. Being on the Bank has also helped me to identify which wards I can see myself working with in the future'

Julian - Bank Administrator