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Transport and finding us

Helping you get to Cambridge University Hospitals

The CUH campus is on the southern fringe of Cambridge, about six kilometers from the city centre. There is limited parking on site and we ask that those who are able, do not drive to the campus. The hospital is easily accessible by public transport. We have our own bus station and numerous buses, including the guided bus, connect the site with the rest of Cambridge and the surrounding area. The railway station is an easy walk or short bus ride away. Cambridge is famous as a cycling town. There is also easy access to the campus by bicycle and many cycle racks at entrances and other points.

Getting to other CUH ‘Satellite’ Sites

If you are based on any of our off campus perhaps the Ely Day Surgery or the Cambridge Dialysis Centre, please contact your line manager who will be happy to provide you with more information local to the site where you will be based.


Walking to work and around the site can often be a smart choice. No timetables to keep to, no journey delays, no overcrowding, healthy, green, free, direct with access to services (and sunlight!) en route.

The main pedestrian access points to the Campus are from:

  • Hills Road various entrances (which also links to Fendon Road and Babraham Road)
  • Cambridgeshire Guided Busway path (which links to Central Cambridge Rail Station, Great Kneighton & Trumpington)
  • Addenbrooke’s Road for Great Kneighton and the Shelfords
  • The Genome path to Shelford
  • Red Cross Lane (off Babraham Road)
  • Long Road (3 access points)

Walking routes are always taken into account as part of the continued development of the site with regards to people alighting buses and people accessing the site on foot. Footpaths are located conveniently throughout the site. Some are shared with cyclists so please be aware and look out for each other.

For a map of walking routes on Campus, a great way to get some exercise and fresh air on your break or for information on walking to Campus visit our public website below.


Cambridge has some of the best provision of cycle routes and lanes in the UK – and it has very few hills. The hospital is linked to the rest of the city by a large number of designated paths and cycle lanes, many crossing fields and greenspaces. The main road routes leading to the hospital, including Hills Rd, Long Rd, Trumpington Rd and Addenbrooke’s Rd all have dedicated lanes as well as off road paths along at least some of their length.

There are attractive off-road routes direct into Campus from the Trumpington area, the Shelfords, the central rail station and the route along Hills Road is one of the best facilities in the country.

There are charging points for electric bicycles available on site in Car Park 2 (near the exit barriers). It is also possible to purchase certain safety equipment such as fluorescent jackets and lights at a discount from the registered bike shops.

Showers and Lockers

There are showers and lockers in the male and female WC units near the Access Office on Level 1. 100 new male and 100 new female lockers have recently been made available, to acquire a locker please visit the access office who will allocate you both a locker and the appropriate lock.

There are showers in the laboratories on Level 1 (near the deliveries entrance, accessible from the labs lift block). There are also shower facilities and lockers more generally available to theatre staff and in other clinical areas. There are also lockers and changing facilities available for members of the Frank Lee Centre (opens in a new tab)


There are parking facilities for over 3,121 bicycles on the site. Staff can access parking areas designated for staff use using their Staff ID. There are sheltered racks in front of the Addenbrooke’s main entrance, behind the Rosie, by N Wards, in front of the Concourse rear entrance, and outside Occupational Health. There are about 240 uncovered spaces on the main drive between Outpatients and Accident & Emergency. There are also many other racks around the site.

Bicycle Maintenance

Public transport


Nearly 60 buses an hour call at the CUH bus station from all around Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Services include the Cambridgeshire Guided Bus and direct services from all the Cambridge Park & Ride sites (Babraham Road, Trumpington, Milton, Newmarket Road and ST Ives).

Bus timetables (opens in a new tab)

Whippet Buses (opens in a new tab)

Stagecoach (opens in a new tab)

Park and Ride Buses

The hospitals have direct links with many of the Cambridgeshire Park and Ride sites. This is a good option for those traveling by car and if your visit is going to last more than two hours, the Park & Ride bus fare can work out significantly cheaper than the car parking charges at the hospitals.

Babraham Road Park & Ride has frequent services to the Campus (every 10 minutes), with the journey only taking 5 minutes and services on every day of the week. Babraham Road also has the cheapest tickets – the Park & Ride Short Hop.

There are frequent services from Madingley Road Park & Ride site using the Universal bus service.

Trumpington Park & Ride site has frequent services to the Campus, along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway,  with the journey only taking 6 or 7 minutes using the Busway A or R services.  The Guided Busway A service routes around the site with various drop off and collection points whereas the Busway R only has one stop on the south west of Campus. Busway Aalso routes from St Ives and Longstanton Park & Rides and is a good option if you are traveling from these locations. Note that fares from St Ives and Longstanton are different to fares from the Park & Rides closer to the City and the cost of traveling from Trumpington to Campus is different to the cost of standard Park & Ride services as it operates using the Busway.

To travel from Milton or Newmarket Road Park & Ride to the Campus it is necessary to change bus services in the City Centre where you have a short walk to a nearby stop and to change onto the Green Babraham Road Park & Ride service, which calls at Addenbrooke’s Bus Station. When changing from one City Park & Ride bus to another in the City Centre there is no need to buy an extra ticket; one ticket is valid for a day.

Parking at all Park & Ride sites is now free for up to 18 hours (after which separate charges apply).

Park and Ride (opens in a new tab)

Guided Busway

The Busway A service runs from Monday to Saturday. This provides a direct, traffic-free route between the Trumpington Park & Ride site, the hospital campus, and Cambridge railway station. The service then also runs along the busway serving Longstanton and St Ives Park & Ride sites.  This service does not call at the Addenbrooke’s bus station, but there are several stops around the hospitals including the Outpatients Department.

The Busway R service operates between Trumpington Park and Ride, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) and Cambridge Rail Station only. This service only has one stop on the CBC on Francis Crick Avenue (a 8-10 minute walk to the Addenbrooke’s main reception).

The Universal Bus Service also operates on the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway between Cambridge Station and the hospitals. This service routes through Cambridge from Eddington and near Madingley Park and Ride. This service does not call at the Addenbrooke’s bus station, but there are several stops around the hospitals including the Outpatients Department.

Guided Busway (opens in a new tab)


Cambridge Station is well served by trains from a wide area and is about two miles north from the hospitals.

There are good bus options to get to the hospitals from the station. To get a bus turn left out of the station and bus stops for the site are about 100m on the left. There are several frequent buses and you can take a Busway A or R (signed for Trumpington Park and Ride via Addenbrook’e and the Biomedical Campus), a Green Park & Ride bus (signed for Babraham Park and Ride via Addenbrooke’s bus station), the Universal Service or a regular Citi bus to Addenbrooke’s. Tickets can be bought on the bus. If you buy a PlusBus train ticket this will also cover your bus travel to and from Campus and is a good deal.

You can walk or cycle to CUH either by following the path besides the Guided Busway or along Hills Road.

National Rail Enquiries: 08457 484 950

National Rail (opens in a new tab)

National Rail Live Departures (opens in a new tab)

Driving and parking

With over 25,000 people visiting the campus every day there is a constant demand for on-site travel options across the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC). The car parks across the campus are consistently operating at capacity, and there is increased pressure on the roads and transport infrastructure approaching the site. Therefore car parking spaces on site for CUH staff cannot be guaranteed.

We encourage all new starters and existing staff to use public transport and the Park & Ride facilities wherever possible.

Given the high number of people visiting the campus on a daily basis whether as patients, staff or visitors, there has been increasing pressure on the available car parking space.

Onsite parking

There is limited on-site parking. Staff wishing to park on site must complete an ID application form. Car parking will be approved in line with the Trust parking eligibility criteria (opens in a new tab). Eligibility to park does not guarantee you a space.

Parking in Car parks 1 and 2 is shared access with patients and visitors. Staff are not eligible to park in a patient and visitor space if staff spaces are full. If you choose to park as a patient or visitor by taking a ticket on entry, no discount will be offered on this ticket.

Parking charges for staff are set at a daily rate. If you park for longer than 24 hours the daily charge accumulates with each additional 24-hour period.


The CUH Liftshare scheme makes car sharing easier and more accessible for staff across the Trust.

We all share cars regularly without thinking about it, but many of us drive to work with spare seats because we don’t know of anyone who needs a lift. CUH Liftshare enables organised car sharing, connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs of the commute.

The scheme is free to use. Just register your details with the CUH Liftshare website either as a driver or passenger detailing the times and direction you travel, and the website will do the rest providing a list of potential car sharers who also have a similar journey at a similar time to/from the campus.

The website is secure and, at present, can only be used by CUH employees although this may become part of a campus-wide scheme in the future.

Why not give car sharing a go?

Make your journey more fun…

  • Boost your health and wellbeing
  • Lower your travel costs (regular car sharers can save up to £1,000 per year)
  • Help reduce traffic congestion
  • Meet new colleagues and useful contacts

To sign up to the CUH Liftshare scheme, visit (opens in a new tab) to register and add your journey


Over a hundred staff arrive on the site each day by powered two-wheeler. Parking is free and it is possible to get an interest-free loan to purchase a vehicle.

Why Come to Work by Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW)?

  • There is no charge for parking on site.
  • PTWs generally have much lower overheads (insurance, tax, etc) than cars.
  • Fuel consumption is more economical than with cars (50% more mpg at least in urban trips).
  • As with bicycles, greater manoeuvrability means you get held up in traffic less than motorists.
  • You have more control over the progress of your journey than you would in a car, and have more freedom regarding the time you leave and the time you arrive.