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Jess MacFadyen - Operational & Departmental Manager with Mary Seacole Level 5

Jess has been at CUH for nearly 9 years and currently works as a Network & Service Manager within Paediatrics.

She heard about this apprenticeship from a colleague and decided to contact the Work Opportunities Team for more information; this led to her enrolling on her apprenticeship.

When asked why she chose to study for an apprenticeship at CUH, Jess said wanted to work and learn at the same time and put the skills that she learnt into practice in her everyday job.

Jess MacFadyen    Operational & Departmental Manager with Mary Seacole    Level 5

What does a typical day look like in your role?

I support three services in paediatrics, so every day is different and varied. Emails are the biggest priority at the start of the day to ensure there are no urgent requests or actions to deal with.

I attend meetings across the day varying from multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs), working groups, regional meetings, and 1:1s with my direct reports. From these meetings, there are always actions taken away to look into before feeding back at future meetings.

Part of my role also requires robust data submissions which I take from our electronic systems and present at divisional meetings for sign off before submitting.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy working alongside multi-disciplinary teams who all want to improve the quality of care for children and young people.

Each service works differently but my role is very rewarding and I enjoy the level of responsibility I have, whilst also feeding in to more senior management colleagues in the division.

What sorts of things do you do for the off the job learning aspect of your apprenticeship?

I attend webinars that my provider runs, gathering evidence for my module submissions, applying my learning in the workplace, and attending meetings for different experience/exposure.

Does this involve attending college or is it all completed at work?

My course doesn’t involve attending college, so all of my work is completed at work.

What are your future intentions?

I’d like to strive towards further senior management or operational roles within the NHS, and look at other areas such as project management.

What advice would you give to others who may be looking to take on an apprenticeship?

I would say to always explore your options and talk these through with someone who knows more about what is available to you based on your level of experience and previous qualifications. I have certainly found learning on the job easier and it isn’t always about studying 24/7 to get to where you want to be.

The main theme of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is skills for life. What are the most important skills for life that you have developed in your role?

I’d have to say time management and organisation. Having a role that is split between different services can be overwhelming, but having good time management and organisational skills has allowed me to plan and prioritise, and ensure I am delivering across the board.