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Annual leave and other leave entitlements

Annual leave

Your contract will detail your annual and public holiday entitlement. There is also comprehensive information about annual leave entitlement on the HR Consult pages on Connect (opens in a new tab) that you can access once you join us.

Employee Annual Leave and Public Holidays calculator

You may find this annual leave calculator (opens in a new tab) useful to work out your leave entitlement upon joining and also for a complete annual leave year.  You should always check your entitlement with your line manager.

The annual leave year commences on 1st April and ends 31st March every year.   In addition to annual leave you are also entitled to public holidays.  These differ depending upon when Easter falls, for example in 2018-19 there are 7 public holidays, in 2019-2020 there will be 8 public holidays (this is the usual entitlement).

If you have any queries please email HR Consult or call them on 01223 257000.

Annual purchase scheme

To increase your annual leave entitlement you can ‘buy’ additional leave up to 12 weeks.  Your salary will be reduced by the total sum of the purchase leave spread over 12 months.

Special leave for carers

For urgent and unforeseen needs and depending on the circumstances, paid or unpaid may be granted.  This is based on compassionate grounds and is intended to answer short term needs, rather than domestic and family needs.

Compassionate leave

Paid leave may be granted depending on the circumstances in cases of bereavement, serious illness or injury relating to dependents or serious personal problems.

Special time out scheme

Special unpaid leave is granted at the discretion of your manager.  Leave can be for a variety of reasons, including: elder care, dependents, travel, study etc.  This is subject to you having a minimum of one year service within the Trust.

Unpaid leave

Unpaid leave may be granted with the approval of your manager.