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Apple - Staff Nurse

Apple works on one of our Care of the Elderly wards. Hear more about Apple's experiences here.

Watch: Apple's story at CUH


Video transcript

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I decided to come work in the UK

because of the career progression

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being offered to us nurses,

and I chose CUH specifically

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because it's one of the largest

teaching hospitals here in the UK.

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I started back in the Philippines,

qualified back in 2010.

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I have experience in the medical

surgical wards and also ICU experience

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and from then on, I explored my career

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as a home care nurse in the UAE, and I'm here

now in the UK as one of the dementia ward nurses.

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There are a lot of career opportunities

available here compared to back home.

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We have a lot of training

and courses that you can take

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and the hospital is very encouraging

and supportive with that.

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The very thing that I like most about CUH is

that the staff are really friendly, accommodating

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and supportive, and Cambridge itself is a and nice,

friendly, peaceful environment to live in.

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If they're thinking about coming

to CUH, I would really encourage you,

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the benefits outweighs the risk and I have

been really supported by my colleagues

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and it has been one of the best decisions that

I have made for my career and for my family.