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Jay Jay - Practice Lead Nurse

Hear from Jay Jay, one of our Practice Lead Nurses talk about his overseas experience.

Watch: Jay Jay's story


Video transcript: Jay Jay's story

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I chose the UK because

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basically the UK I wanted ever since to

work in the UK and Cambridge,

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back then all I thought was if I'd

managed to get into this hospital,

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I'd be living in a place where

famous people actually come from.

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And then when I managed to

progress into my application,

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support from the trust

started pouring in.

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So my visa application, my kind of process

was supported by the trust.

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The thing I like the most

about working here at CUH,

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is the career opportunities that I got

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and still available to get the support

from my bosses, from my department

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and the trust’s support is just tremendous.

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People are very educated, very kind,

very polite, and also it's quite diverse here,

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and you're going to be living in Cambridge,

which is a brilliant place to live in.

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For me, being a Filipino,

we do have a community here.

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We actually have basketball games

every Tuesday night from basically

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all the Filipinos who are living in Cambridge.

It was such a fun experience.

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Working in Addenbrooke's Hospital is

one of the best things that happened in my life.

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You're working in a world class hospital,

are working with world class surgeons, colleagues.

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Cambridge is a brilliant place to live in.

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So yeah, come and join us.