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Ron - Clinical Education Facilitator

The epitome of my career in the Philippines was when after almost a whole year of hard work, I finally qualified for sponsorship to practice nursing here in the U.K. At first, it was a mix of being terrified and excitement that I felt – terrified because I was leaving my comfort zone and excited because of the prospect of being able to develop my career and myself in the U.K. whilst also learning a completely new culture and way of working.


When I arrived, I sat the NMC Test of Competence Part 2 which is more commonly known as the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). After working hard, I was able to pass the OSCE through the systematised and well-structured OSCE Programme of the Trust. It was this that landed me a job as a Registered Nurse in my first permanent placement in Ward J2, which specialises in Neuro-Rehabilitation for Trauma patients.

The utmost and infallible support by the OSCE Team to my cohort – including myself – has paved way for our transition to be as seamless as possible.

Something I am really grateful for whilst being able to work for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the autonomy and respect given to qualified nurses. The Trust’s commitment for equality and diversity have proven way for multicultural practice and learning to work harmoniously to make us be one of the best hospitals in the whole of the country. I can also affirm the Trust’s value for career progression as being a Clinical Education Facilitator has made me hone my skills and talents more effectively and confidently.

The Trust has truly helped me build my confidence as a nurse and has really guided my progression to my position today which is where my ultimate passion lies – teaching and guiding students and newly-qualified nurses as well. Looking back to how far I have travelled in my career in CUH, giving back through sharing my knowledge and skills to how I saw myself before is truly an honour and a privilege.

My advice to anyone who aspires to become a qualified professional here from overseas is to work hard, enjoy the commitment and compassion that Nursing has called us for, and to always be yourself. Our universal language is the genuine commitment that we have for our patients and that is to provide the most excellent service that we can give.  Hear more from Ron at: (opens in a new tab)