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Radiographers – Diagnostic

The role of a Diagnostic Radiographer at CUH is broad and diverse. With an ever expanding department, Radiographers rotate through areas in plain film imaging such as Outpatients, A&E and Theatre, as well as having the opportunity to develop themselves more into more specialist areas such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography and Angiography.

As CUH is a specialist centre for so many diseases we carry out types of imaging not performed anywhere else in the country and sometimes the world. Throughout these areas Radiographers are expected to work inter professionally with various professions from Surgeons, to Radiologists, to Nurses and HCSWs. Learning and development opportunities are available to all, with in house training courses made available as well as attending CPD courses to develop your career.

When you first join CUH you will be put through an excellent preceptorship programme, specifically designed by Radiographers to tailor your introduction to CUH. The preceptorship programme features a three month induction with weeks in specific areas to make sure you are fully prepared for starting shifts.

For more information please contact James Brennan

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Matt - Diagnostic radiographer

I enjoyed going to angiography+ as a student and when I was able to go on options, and was fortunate enough to get a job there. The range of procedures that we do and how it helps the patient continues to amaze me.

Wanted to work in a large department with a variety of work flows with the major trauma centre and all the tertiary referrals etc.

Supporting an elderly patient through their angioplasty by providing a hand for them to hold and talking them through what was going on to keep them calm. I then x-rayed her a few days later and she recognised me and thanked me for helping her through and said that her leg feels a lot better than it did before the procedure.

A photo of Matt, one of our diagnostic radiographers
I thoroughly enjoy the multi-disciplinary working aspect of the role where we work closely with the radiologists, radiology nurses, the vascular surgeons and many others.