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Radiographer – Therapeutic

The CUH Radiotherapy department is a regional centre providing radiotherapy services to a large geographical area stretching into Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

We are a specialist regional centre for stereotactic radiosurgery and paediatric services.  Our department is also extremely active in radiotherapy trials, with Cancer Research UK situated nearby on the Addenbrooke’s campus. We work closely with many other healthcare professionals and cancer support services.  Patients often choose to travel a long way for the excellent treatment which our department is known to provide.

Therapy radiographers have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles at CUH.  In pre-treatment, these could include radiographer led planning, CT scanning and gold seed clinics.  Our treatment modalities include; VarianTruebeam, Elekta and Accuray Radixact linear accelerators, Xstrahl superficial treatment and Varisource HDR for internal treatments.  Imaging plays an ever increasing role in radiotherapy with daily on-treatment CBCT offered as standard for many treatments.  Regular rotation into different areas enables the development of many skills.  There are many opportunities for career progression which could include team lead, practice education, research, management and advanced practice roles among others. We are constantly developing new services and roles for the future including new advanced practice specialities and triage radiographers.

Education and continuous professional development is encouraged at all stages in your career in Radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s.  Newly qualified staff receive an inter-professional Preceptorship package in their first year of registration.  Radiographers regularly attend in house training events, externally provided study days, conferences and user group meetings.  We encourage staff to present posters and speak at events wherever possible.  Many radiographers are also funded onto a Masters pathway.  We strongly believe that investing in staff education translates into better patient care and service user experience.

Our commitment to the future of radiotherapy includes a strong involvement in the education of students.  We currently host university degree students from both the University of Suffolk and the University of Hertfordshire for their practice placements.  All qualified radiographers are involved in the supervision and training of students in department.    In addition, we are very happy to help return to practice radiographers with supervised placements when capacity allows.  As of September 2019, we will be a trailblazer site for the new apprenticeship programme hosting apprentice therapy radiographers also. We believe that we are able to offer an exceptional student placement experience due to the equipment and techniques utilised in this department.

Working in the radiotherapy department is always busy but never dull.  We work as part of a dynamic and inclusive team.  Our care is patient centred, providing excellent treatment, which is enhanced by the different modalities available. Seeing patients daily over several weeks allows us to become closely involved in the care of our patient, building relationships which enhance their experience of radiotherapy treatment.  Our extensive involvement in trials means that we are constantly evolving and learning new techniques to help improve outcomes for our patients.  These, combined with constant technological advances, transform the work that we do on a daily basis. Our Therapy Radiographers are adaptive, problem solving, caring, energetic, team players, helpful, great communicators and patient centred.

If you are considering working at CUH, training as a radiographer,  interested in the apprenticeship scheme, or would like to visit our department to find out more, please contact Jemma Chapman- Head of Radiotherapy.

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