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Medical Services

With medical nursing  you’ll have the opportunity to work in some of the most diverse, busiest and energetic areas of the hospital.

We offer both general and specialist services and treat over 1,000 inpatients a month across an average of 350 beds.  We’re committed to delivering the highest standard of patient care whilst developing and nurturing our greatest resource – our staff. The range of the services we offer means you’re sure to find something to interest you.

Ward D5

D5 is the regional liver unit for the East of England. We are a Hepatology ward caring for all aspects of liver disease and pre-liver transplantation. As a ward we are specialists in liver transplant assessments, alcohol withdrawal management (CIWA), alcohol related liver disease, jaundice, primary liver cancer, cirrhosis, metabolic liver diseases, ascites and viral hepatitis. We also care for patients with acute and chronic medical conditions. We work in conjunction to nine specialist nurses supporting our patient group. As a ward we take elective admissions to the ward who undergo procedures such as biopsies, drain insertions and TAE procedures.

We have a strong multidisciplinary team culture within the unit with valued input and collaboration with Hepatology specialist nurses, alcohol liaison team, dietitian, liver transplant Co-ordinators, physiotherapist and occupation therapist and discharge planning team and specialist pharmacists.

Ward T2

Ward T2 is an exciting new ward which opened in May 2021. Ward T2 cares for 19 patients (all adult, from any inpatient area) who are medically fit for discharge (MFFD) and no longer require an acute hospital bed. The main objective of the ward is to ensure effective flow through the main trust. This includes supporting early discharges, patient placement and liaising with bed managers to ensure effective flow through the hospital.

Opportunities on Ward T2 include working closely with all individuals in the multi-disciplinary team – this includes the therapy teams, discharge planning and medical team as well as build close relationships with the operational links for the trust. The ward is a fast paced, stimulating environment in which patients are transferred from the main hospital building to Ward T2 before community support is sourced and they are discharged. Staff working on Ward T2 are a small, close team who have a wide scope of knowledge and experience. Anyone interested in working on Ward T2 will need to be organised and adaptive as well as have a passion for discharge planning and improving patient flow.