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Surgical Services & Pre-Assessment

All surgical procedures require a Nurse led pre-assessment and we are an experienced dynamic group of nurses who complement our clinical and clerical team. We are based in the Addenbrookes Treatment Centre (ATC).

We see most specialities including general surgery, colorectal, gynaecology, orthopaedics, urology, HPB and ENT.

The skills required are effective communication skills, decision making, interpreting results, verbal written and IT methods and a knowledge of multiple surgical specialties/procedures. You must be able to multitask effectively, be a good role model and lead well under pressure. This is a nurse led clinic and is a unique opportunity for those looking for a new challenge in their nursing career.

We offer a high standard of pre-assessment and have linked support with a Diabetic Nurse Clinic, a Pharmacist, Consultant Anaesthetist, Phlebotomy, Frailty Clinic, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. We are also in the process of setting up a new prehabilitation clinic.  We are currently open from 08:00 until 19.30 Monday to Friday and provide a drop in and booked appointment system for all adult patients seen in Outpatient Clinics and via MDT referral.

The pre-assessment clinic plays an important part in the preparation for a patient’s surgery. We are looking to optimise their health and help to reduce cancellations on the day.  It includes an assessment of their general health and fitness before surgery by carrying out various tests and investigations. We run our own case load of patients and interpret these results. We take a full medical and drug history.

As a team we are forward thinking, diverse and flexible and embrace change.