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Staff Networks

Do you have ideas for how we can be a more inclusive organisation, or want to play a more active role in improving your workplace? Or are you looking to connect with people who share similar experiences to you, or to find support?

Being a part of a staff network is a great way to ensure your voice is heard, have an impact, and be a part of positive change across the organisation. Staff networks are also safe spaces for staff to share concerns and support each other.

Our networks are run by staff for staff and are non-hierarchical - pay grades are left at the door and all voices are important. Each network has a specific focus and welcomes anyone with an interest in furthering inclusion for that group - 'allies' are people who take an active role in promoting inclusion for people from particular groups even if they don't share those characteristics themselves.

We have four staff networks. Meetings are usually monthly at lunchtimes.  CUH has agreed that staff can attend network meetings in work time, if agreed with your line manager and it can be managed operationally.  However, if you can't get to the meetings, don't let this put you off!  You can still be involved and keep in touch remotely, as several of our members do.

Executive Sponsors

The equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) team is delighted to announce that executive sponsors have joined two of our staff networks:

director of improvement and transformation, takes on the role for the Purple Network, for staff with hidden or visible disabilities, physical, neuro-diverse or mental health conditions and allies – anyone with an interest in ensuring greater equality and inclusion for staff at CUH.

David Wherrett, director of workforce, takes on the role for the LGBT+ Network, for staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or any other sexual or gender identities that align with the LGBT community, and allies.

David joined Roland Sinker, CEOwho is already executive sponsor for the CUH REACH (Race Equality and Cultural Heritage) Network.

The role of executive sponsor is vital, demonstrating the commitment CUH has to creating a culture where everyone feels included and has a sense of belonging, and to eradicating the inequalities experienced by some groups of our staff.

The sponsors will work alongside the staff networks to ensure their voices are heard at board level and to actively support their plans of work. They will also work alongside Doris Olulode, non-executive director with responsibility for equality, diversity and inclusion.

David says: “I’m delighted to undertake the executive sponsor role with the LGBT+ network, sitting alongside the executive sponsors of the other equality networks. I am keen to listen, learn and shape meaningful and impactful action to ensure that the experience of LGBT+ colleagues at CUH is positive and that this community continues to enrich CUH.”

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the staff networks and what they do, or to join a mailing list, please contact