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Work experience overview

Thank you for your interest in work experience.

Please go back to the main page and select the relevant information you are looking for regarding our Insight Programmes, Work Shadowing placements, Industrial placements along with Resources.

If you are looking for an elective placement please see information below and how to apply.

Further information that you may find useful:

There is an on-line pre-employment health and care academy called ‘It’s All Coming Together’ which has information regarding careers in the NHS; this consists of live sessions from a range of NHS professions which you may find of interest.  For more information please click on the following link (opens in a new tab)   If you have any difficulties accessing the information, please email

Any new virtual or face to face insight programmes arranged over the next few months will be advertised on our Insight Programmes page.

If you would like any career information, or information on apprenticeships that may be available please email:

If you have any queries regarding this communication please do not hesitate to contact the Work Opportunities Team on 01223-250887 or CUH is passionate about equipping young people with valuable careers guidance and expanding access to healthcare career opportunities. Our aim is to help develop skills, confidence, awareness and an understanding of the world of work, especially for students aged 14 – 19 years.

Please note: to support our local community, priority for placements will be given to students who live and study within the Trust’s main catchment area as we have limited places and numerous requests.

Medical Students Elective Placements / Erasmus Programme / Internships: Please see the links below for details on how to apply. These placements are organised by University of Cambridge Clinical School of Medicine and not via the Work Opportunities Team at Cambridge University Hospitals.

Overseas Students requiring a medical internship are advised to contact the department specialty directly to source availability. If successful, the Clinical School of Medicine (opens in a new tab) will assist with the application process.

Nursing Elective Placements – Please contact the Clinical Education Team directly for arranging a placement.

If you require information and unable to find it through the links above, please click here (opens in a new tab) for relevant contact details.

For all other work experience placements please continue to scroll down the page.

For more information about careers in the NHS visit Step into the NHS (opens in a new tab).

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There are lots of opportunities within the local area when it comes to getting a job in the NHS or looking for work experience to see if it is the right career for you.  Cambridge University Hospitals is one of the top leading teaching hospitals in the UK. The NHS is the fifth largest employer in the world with over 1.2 million staff. It is estimated that there are over 350 different job roles in the NHS and the service needs the support of a diverse range of staff with lots of different skills and abilities to keep it running.

While there are many clinical or frontline roles which involve delivering care to patients and families there are also a large number of staff who work in other types of jobs such as scientists, accountants and media specialists. All of our staff are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our patients so if that is something you think could motivate you, then the NHS may be the perfect career option.

This is a great place to start if you are a student looking for a career in the NHS, or want to work in an education or training role and help support learners with their career choices.  We have tried to gather resources to provide a range of information to highlight roles and career choices for learners.  There is also career event information below that may be useful in connecting with the NHS for events that you may be co-ordinating.

The different ways of getting involved are:

CUH provides careers advice, education and work experience for clinical and non-clinical careers in the NHS.  Our staff are committed to providing you with the highest standard of placement.

Widening Participation

CUH has a proactive approach to working with our local schools and colleges.  It is an important part of developing our workforce for the future.  CUH has invested in making it a welcoming, friendly and supportive place to work, with accessible links across the county.  If you are interested in completing your Industrial Placement / T- Level at CUH please speak to your  Careers Advisor at the college and ask them to contact our team on 01223 250887 to discuss placement options.